Public Resources



Shell Basics & Text Editors - "The Book"
Basic Shell Reference - Quick Reference Sheet
Unix Exercises

Day 3 Notes

Shell Scripting Exercise

Zivtech Virtual Machine


Vim Basic Reference (html) (pdf)

Vim Intro & Tutorial - Non-threatening Vim Intro
Vim Adventures Game! - Old School Web Game to Teach You an Old School Text Editor



For Loop Exercise

Foreach Loop Exercise

PHP Day 2 Exercises and code for exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 3, exercise 4
PHP Manual - Official Manual

Write Code Online! - Online PHP Interpreter

Code Academy - PHP Course

Advanced / Extra Curricular
Hack - a modified version of PHP developed by Facebook



Basic Git Reference - Quick Reference Sheet

Git Exercises

Code School - Try Git - A Simple 15 Minute Git Tutorial
Git Tutorials & Guide | Atlassian - A Comprehensive Guide to Git with Helpful Visuals

GitHub vs. Bitbucket - Which Project Host Has The Most?  (check p.2 for price comparison)

O'Reilly Books
Git Pocket Guide - by Richard E. Silverman


MySQL Basic Reference - Quick Reference Sheet
MySQL & PHP Commands (txt <--no funky quotes) - Basic How-To Guide for Accessing MySQL Databases with PHP

Day 4 Exercises - MySQL, PHP, and Git

MySQL Commands | - Handy reference of many commonly used commands
MySQL PHP API | (Overview Example) - The Official PHP Manual for the MySQL API

MySQL Tutorial | (pdf) - Pretty thorough and showcases PHP examples - Tutorials on many MySQL commands – very dense, but very helpful



Compass - An Open-source CSS Authoring Framework

Bundler - A Consistent Environment for Ruby Projects

subl - Sublime Text 2 OS X Command Line Tool
Package Control for Sublime Text
LiveReload - A Web Browser Page Reloading Plugin for Sublime Text 2

Brackets - An Open-source Code Editor for Web Designers & Front-end Developers


JavaScript & jQuery

jQuery Exercise

O'Reilly Books
JavaScript Cookbook - by Shelley Powers
Programming JavaScript Applications - by Eric Elliott


Drupal Site Building Exercises

Adopt a Frog Exercise - Day 3

Drupal Theming Exercise


In-Class Example - written on Plunker, with hospitals, buttons, and lists. Oh, my!

Plunker - An online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.

Wat - A lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt from CodeMash 2012
Dependency Injection Demystified - by James Shore

BDD with Behat

Developing Web Applications with Behat and Mink
Making Drupal Behave - Automated Testing with Behat

Behat Example - An example setup of a behat testing project | GitHub

Selenium HQ - Browser Automation

Non-Technical Skills of Successful Developers

Group Notes

Web Services / RESTful APIs

Group Notes

Color Monster - GitHub repo for the in-class exercise
COLOURlovers API Documentation
CSS Zen Garden - A demonstration of what can be accomplished through CSS-based design
jQuery v.2.1.1 - <script src="//"></script>

REST API Tutorial - Learn REST! (Representational State Transfer)

Dima's Demo
NY Times Developer Network
Apigee API Provider Directory - Featured providers for Apigee's API Console

Victor's Demo
Heroku Toolbelt - Everything you need to get started using Heroku
Robbie's Source Code - A version of GitHub's Campfire bot, Hubot
CoffeeScript - A little language that compiles into JavaScript